Bettona Crossing
Running in Bettona
Sat, October 6, 2018

Ultra trail – Degli Etruschi (48km 2000 D+)
Starts at 9:00

Short Trail – degli Olivi (18KM 780 D+)
Starts at 11:00

Join us for the fourth edition of our running event in Bettona. Bettona Crossing offers two different courses so participants can choose the length and course. Both runs the take participants through the hills and plains in and around Bettona. 90% of each run is off road and 100% in our clean Umbrian air. Organized by a great group of people, many of whom are part of Bettona’s own Bettona in Shape, which organizes several fitness themed events each year. The runs begin and end in Bettona’s central piazza and each participant will be presented with a commemorative for their participation.

(Oh, and I got to design and illustrate the poster and other graphics for the event.)