Ferragosto rose

Today is Ferragosto*, the 15th of August, a holiday in Italy. For the next two weeks little will be accomplished here. Except for well deserved vacations, trips to the seaside, meals shared with friends, and maybe a few dances with someone who actually can. Such was my pleasure to share a meal last night with some very good people just outside Todi. As expected, everything was perfect. How could it not be given the hostess’s immense talent? (Getting to West Coast and an evening swim were icing on the cake.)

After furious night downpours, this morning the air is crisp and clean. The bright blue sky and wispy clouds promise a beautiful day. Of this I am certain. On the terrace I found a beautiful present — two perfect blossoms — it would seem, in honor of the day. Their exquisite perfume the best gift a gardener could ask for.

Buon Ferragosto tutti!

*Ferragosto, taking its name from ‘Feriae Augusti’  —literally ‘Festivals of (Emperor) Augustus’— was originally a Roman holiday in honor of Diana. The Roman Catholic Church adopted this date to celebrate its own virgin goddess and today is also the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. (Meaning her ‘assumption’ into heaven not the ‘assumption’ that she was a virgin.)

August 15, 2011