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From Rome’s Fiumicino airport:

Once you’ve left the airport, follow the signs toward Rome. In about 10 minutes you will see a sign that says Firenze (Florence), which is the direction you want to go. The first Exit signs you pass will be Exit (USCITA) 31 but you’ll soon find yourself at Exit 1 – Aurelia. You then are looking for signs for the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare), which is a ring road around Rome.  Once on the GRA, you will be on the look out for signs for the A1 to Firenze. You will exit at exit (USCITA) 10, but 8, 9, and 10 all have the same exit.  Just keep heading for Firenze / A1, get a ticket at the ticket booths, and you’re on your way. 

Once on the A1 you drive for about 25 minutes and exit at ORTE. Go to the lane with the picture of someone handing the driver something and your life will be easier. Once out the gate, go to your right and follow the signs for Perugia.

Next you will be heading basically east for about 20 minutes before you see the signs for Perugia.  Pay attention because they’ve recently added two over the roadway speed traps. (Right before the turn off for the E45  there is a factory on the left that says ‘Weinerberger.”) Follow signs to Perugia/Cesena and you will end up on the E45. Stay on the E45 (be careful because there is a speed camera between Todi and the next exit) for about 40 minutes more and exit at PONTE NUOVO (right after DERUTA Nord). (You will notice the sign for Deruta Nord lists BETTONA but take the next exit which is a little closer to us. 

Come off the exit ramp and go to your right, then go over the bridge –the PONTE NUOVO. (You’re only about 8 kilometers away.) After the bridge, the road will make a sharp right but you need to make a left onto the little street between the bar and the brick church. (Be careful, as there are speed cameras along these roads as well. They are either bright green or orange cylinders along side the road. Your GPS should tell you which ones are working and which ones aren’t.) You’ll be on this road for a couple kilometers until you come to a T-stop. Turn right toward Bettona. (Almost there.) Follow this a few kilometers. You will pass through Signoria until you see the hill of Bettona with its church towers.  The road will bend to the left (at Colle) and you will want to go straight up the hill and, after lots of bends in the road, eventually you will come to the town. Just past the ‘Welcome’ sign you will go straight (don’t take a right, which will take you to the back of town) and follow the town wall around to the left until you see the front gate.

Once inside the gate, take the road on the left (even if your GPS tells you to go straight) and come up to the main piazza. (Bettona is a one way only.) You will see a large church on the left, the town museum on the right, the fountain and another church on the other side of the piazza. Go right and pass through the piazza, down the only street you can go. (That doesn’t mean try to go the little side streets. The main street is called Corso Marconi. It is the street that leads straight out from the main piazza.) Palazzo Fiumi-LaPlaca is in the next little piazza on the left- Piazza Preziotti, at number 4. The buzzer is on the left partially hidden by the olive tree.   

If you get lost ask for Michael and someone will tell you where I live.


The train station comes right into Fiumicino airport. The nearest train station to Bettona is Assisi. The train from the airport into Rome and transfer for a train to Assisi. The trains will go through Foligno. Some of them will require you to change trains there. Make sure you check this out. The train station for Assisi is actually in Santa Maria degli Angeli, but it will say Assisi. There are often taxis there or you can call me from the train and I will meet you there. (339-869-7829)

There is a Sulga bus that will bring you from the airport to Deruta.

at the Perugia train station or the local airport – San Francesco (Perugia/Assisi).
Avis (/fax 075 500 03 95; [email protected])
Hertz (075 500 24 39; [email protected])
Maggiore (075 500 74 99; in Italian)
Europcar (at airport only) (075 692 06 15; www.europcar ; 8.30am-1pm & 3-7pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am-12.30pm Sat, by request Sun)