Discover Umbria with us

The adventure with aWeekinUmbria begins here in the quiet hill town of Bettona, on the edge of the Spoleto Valley about 18km south of both Perugia and Assisi. It is my home and home base for my guests to enjoy. The perfect place from which to explore the region.

In the Explore sidebar you will find a list of my favorite places in Umbria — and a couple places just over the borders — that are worth your time to explore. Have a look when you’re planning your visit. 

Tour Packages Available:
In addition to providing extraordinary accommodations, I specialize in small group and private tours. Full tours are all inclusive (except airfare) include airport pickup and drop off, day tours, most meals, cooking lessons, wine tastings, and more.

Or you can hire me for just a day, join one of the group tours already scheduled, or let me plan a trip designed just for your group.  My goal is to help guests discover the Umbria I have fallen in love with.  It’s what I do best.

Local Events:
Life in a small town may be relaxing, but there are many events throughout the year. From our patron saint’s feast day (May 11th complete with fireworks) to dance performances and the town’s famous July/August Sagra celebrating the ‘Oca’ (goose), these are events you don’t want to miss. Visit our small museum or just stroll to the central piazza for a morning cappuccino and some people watching. Let me help make your vacation truly a Slow Travel holiday.

Palazzo Fiumi-LaPlaca:
The completely restored 17th century Palazzo Fiumi-LaPlaca is located in the historic center on the ancient town wall with a view of the entire valley off toward Assisi. The palazzo provides a splendid atmosphere in which you can relax. There is air conditioning if you need it, meals available, cooking lessons if you’d like to learn something, and wifi to keep you in touch. Be aware, however, it’s a television free zone.

Take your time and use this section of the website to explore some of the most wonderful places in Umbria.

If you’re looking for one of the best vacations in Umbria, this is the place.

For bookings, more information, or if you have questions, contact Michael at [email protected]