October 13-22, 2017

The chocolate festival to end all chocolate festivals, Eurochocolate, comes to Perugia once again in October. Chocolate lovers from all over Italy descend on this medieval town during the week-long event. During the Eurochocolate festival the Via Vannucci is transformed into an avenue of chocolate dreams. For a city known for its chocolate year round, this is an extra special event. (The city is known as the “Costruttori di dolcezze, or a designer of sweet things.) Booths representing local and international chocolate manufacturers pull out all the stops to entice passersby with inventive chocolate sculptures, cakes from simple to extravagant, solid bars to intricate confections, and even a chocolate fountain. The Eurochocolate festival also offers themed events and exhibitions about — you guessed it— making chocolate, as well as seminars on the socio-economic issues raise by cocoa production across the globe.

Why Perugia? Well the name is synonymous the world over for Chocolate. Americans immediately think chocolate when they hear the word Perugina — which simply means ‘a woman from Perugia’. Perugina’s famous baci — which means kisses — has been passing out their little fortunes for generations. Here a trip to the Perugina factory is as mandatory as taking the kids the Hershey Pennsylvania is for east-coast families.

Where to stay for Eurochocolate? If you’re going to come, think about staying a bit outside the main fray of Perugia. Plazzo Fiumi-LaPlaca, in the quiet hill town of Bettona, is only about 18 kilometers south of the Eurochocolate epicenter. You will be perfectly situated for other Eurochoclate events that take place surrounding Perugia as well. Private apartments with one or two bedrooms available as well as two double rooms in the B&B if you’re staying less than 3 days. is offering a Eurochocolate special rate which includes chocolate croissants for breakfast, my famous ‘chococello’ after dinner, and baci on your pillow at night. Contact us immediately for reservations at [email protected]