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The World’s Largest White Truffle

The World’s Largest White Truffle   That it weighed in at 1.89 kilos (or 4.16 pounds) is one thing. That we braved a frigid morning driving an hour and a half to see it in person was quite another. Arriving early, amazing in its own right given the commuter traffic we encountered, we were soon warming ourselves and chatting over watered down cappuccinos on the 10th floor of Sotheby’s Auction House on York Avenue in Manhattan, waiting for the unveiling. Of course the conversation was about truffles.Knowing that most white truffles are from Piedmonte, it was exciting that this enormous specimen hailed
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Best Deruta Ceramics

Purchase online at It is no secret that I’m in love with Deruta ceramics. My first trip here (in 1999) was specifically to buy a set of dishes. (They’re back in New York and I love using them. I’ve since bought other sets of dishes and mixing and matching them yields a spectacular table.) To end up living just 12 kilometeres from Deruta was a happy coincidence or maybe it was fate.
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