Purchase extraordinary ceramics online at bestderutapottery.com

It is no secret that I’m in love with Deruta ceramics. My first trip here (in 1999) was specifically to buy a set of dishes. (They’re back in New York and I love using them. I’ve since bought other sets of dishes and mixing and matching them yields a spectacular table.) To end up living just 12 kilometers from Deruta was a happy coincidence or maybe it was fate.

These ceramics make me happy every time I use or just look at them. So happy, in fact that I started my own company to sell them — bestderutapottery.com.  Specializing in “ceramics with meaning.” That is to say all of our pieces have phrases or quotes on them. I work with 5 different artists here in Deruta developing products based on traditional Medieval and Renaissance designs. All imbued with special meaning.

The artisans I work with make the most beautiful gifts of love (great for weddings and anniversaries) and spectacular urns for our loved ones — human and animal. Our line of La Dolce Vita products are great reminders that every day should be sweet. Still, the most popular items are key chains with ceramic beads that remind one to Sieze the Day (Carpe Diem), One Day at a Time, Amor Vincit Omnia, or Choose Love, among other things.

But today I had to show you the beautiful tile I purchased from my friend Patrizio Chiucchiù. He really is the best artist in Deruta. Everyone says so. This tile is based on a 17th century painting of Medusa and I just love it. It proudly sits on the piano with other treasures he’s made for me. It doesn’t get much better that this. Thanks Patrizio!