This is my all time favorite summer treat. Back in New York I used to use any kind of blossom — zucchini, pumpkin, or melon — to make these little bits of heaven. Here, the local Conad has them from July until almost the end of October.

20 fresh blossoms;
small fresh mozzerella;
2 eggs (med/lg);
cold sparkling water;
peanut or sunflower oil;
Kosher salt (coarse)

Step 1: Once you’ve collected your blossoms — and the blossoms need to be at least 2 to 3 inches long – brush them clean of any dirt (don’t wash them or you can throw them away) and check for bees inside. (Fried bee is a completely different dish.)
Step 2: Cut mozzerella into small rectangles divided between the number of blossoms and cut anchiovies in half. Then carefully open the blossoms and stuff with a piece of mozzerella and anchiovi.
Step 3: Put about half an inch of frying oil in a large, tall sided, pot. This way you won’t completely mess up your stovetop. Turn the gas on.
Step 4: Beat eggs in pasta dish, add several tablespoons of flour and then some cold sparkling water to make a thick batter. When oil is ready, gently coat the stuffed blossoms in the batter and place in pot, turning when golden.
Step 5: When crisp and golden, remove from oil and place ito dish with paper towels for a moment and then salt liberally and place on serving dish. Don’t let them sit. Eat them immediately while still piping hot.