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It’s a free country, Love who you want

In Stock Now! and offer these wonderful mugs made specially for the LGBT community. Deruta has been famous for ceramics since the 13th century. Artisans have created these hand painted mugs exclusively for us. Buy a set of two mugs and enjoy your morning coffee (or tea) with a pair of medieval inspired faces looking back at each of you. Two men or two women with the words “It’s a free country, Love who you want” will greet you and your partner everyday. $55 per pair. ($15 for shipping) Specify two women, two men, one of each. (Yes,
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Gay Umbria: Life’s a Drag

Life’s a ‘Drag’ in Umbria: It’s no secret that there’s not much of a gay life in Umbria and what little there is, is infrequent and hard to find. I’ve often told people that finding gay Umbria is complicated by the fact that my gaydar doesn’t function very well over here. I either need a new model or, at least, a European adapter. While studies show that gay people represent 10% of the overall population, here in Italy that may be only 4%, of which maybe 1% are actually out — meaning, their mothers know. Be that as it may, the
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